Aging in Place: Innovative Strategies to Support Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Event Description: 
JESPY House is an organization dedicated to serving adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. JESPY House has announced their inaugural symposium on aging in place with I/DD. Individuals with I/DD are living longer than ever before, and the number of adults with I/DD will double by 2030. The symposium will bring together experts to share the latest information on health trends, policy, research, employment, community-based supports, and more. Presentations will cover topics including:
  • Identifying age-related health changes

The Importance of Talking About Sex - The Elephant in the Room

Event Description: 

This webinar explains why it is important for people with developmental disabilities, parents, and families to talk about sexuality and healthy intimate relationships. It will address the fact that people often feel unprepared to discuss this subject with each other. This webinar will discuss common misunderstandings about people with I/DD and sexuality and cover the differences between healthy and abusive relationships. The presenters will also help participants prepare to discuss this subject with people with disabilities in their life.

Community Based Organizations: Maximizing Technology to Drive Efficiency and Better Outcomes

Event Description: 

This webinar will discuss the technology trends affecting CBOs. It will cover the three fundamentals in developing a technology strategy and help CBOs get started with a technology plan. The webinar will also describe how organizations can prioritize their technology needs by using a request for proposal (RFP) process. The presenter for this webinar is Ginna Baik, Senior Care and Aging Technology strategist and practice leader for CDW Healthcare, which provides technology solutions for healthcare organizations.

The Older Americans Act in Action: Building & Cultivating Your Elder Law Program

Event Description: 

This webinar from the National Center on Law and Elder Rights explores how you can improve your elder law program by enhancing your program’s capacity to effectively leverage limited time and resources. Presenters will share how you can apply the framework of the Older Americans Act and accompanying regulations to your organization and make your elder law program stronger.

Reframing Aging: A Deeper Exploration of Research-Based Messaging Strategies for the Field of Aging

Event Description: 
The Reframing Aging Project explored the way members of the public think and talk about aging. Earlier this year, ASA hosted a webinar called Reframing Aging: Research-Based Messaging Strategies for Aging Advocates and Communicators. Now, ASA is hosting a follow-up webinar to look more in-depth at evidence-based strategies for communicating effectively about aging-related issues. This webinar will cover:
  • What it means to frame/reframe
  • Communication cues that may activate unproductive and productive thinking;

Guardianship Termination and Restoration of Rights

Event Description: 

In some cases, guardianship is necessary to assist individuals identified as vulnerable and in need of care and protection. In other cases however, guardianship may be unnecessary and/or overly restrictive. This webinar explores strategies for successful termination and restoration of guardianship rights. The presenters will review recent cases, including a firsthand account from an attorney who was successful in restoring the rights of an older client and discuss the emergent concept of supported decision-making

The Role of Judges in an Elder Abuse Case

Event Description: 
The Elder Justice Initiative at the US Department of Justice is hosting a webinar on the role of judges in preventing and addressing elder abuse. The criminalization of elder abuse means that it enters a courtroom both directly in civil and criminal cases, as well as indirectly (e.g., in the context of a guardianship proceeding). The presenter, Judge Howze, will discuss what this means in the context of courtrooms today. Topics covered will include:
  •  the dynamics of elder abuse

Advancing Health Care and Community-Based Organization Partnerships to Address Social Determinants: Lessons from the Field

Event Description: 

Health care and community-based organizations (CBOs) are increasingly entering into partnerships designed to address the social determinants of health. This webinar will discuss promising strategies for creating these partnerships.

Approaches to Extending Complex Care Models into the Community: Emerging Evidence

Event Description: 

This webinar is the first in a two-part series from CHCS exploring how providers are building on existing complex care program models to extend beyond the walls of a health system and into communities. The webinar will discuss how to build effective care models to address social determinants of health (SDOH),  tools that can be used to support community-based care team members, and ways to design a business case for sustaining complex care models.


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