NASUAD Leaders

Martha Roherty, Secretary Greenlee, Gloriah Lawlah, and Lance Robertson

NASUAD 2016-2017 Board of Directors

The NASUAD Board of Directors consists of an overseeing board of seven Executive Officers. Regional representatives serve to represent the views of the states in their regions and to keep the general membership informed of NASUAD activities. 



Gary Jessee, Deputy Executive Commissioner
Medical and Social Services (MSS) Division
Texas Health and Human Services Commission 
Austin, TX

First Vice President

James Rothrock, Commissioner
Virginia Department of Aging and Rehabilitatives Services
Henrico, VA


Lora Connolly, Director
California Department of Aging
Sacramento, CA




Alice Bonner, Secretary
Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs
Boston, MA

Jed Ziegenhagen, Director
Colorado Office of Community Living 
Denver, CO


NASUAD Public Policy Committee 

Sub-committee on Medicaid & Long-Term Services and Supports 


James Rothrock, Commissioner 
Virginia Department on Aging and Rehabilitative Services


Bea Rector,
 Director                                                                                              Stephanie Loucka, Director
Washington Aging and Long-Term Support Administration                           Ohio Department of Aging                                                                        
Teresa Osborne, Secretary                                                                                  Yonda Snyder, Director           
Pennsylvania Department of Aging                                                                     Indiana Division of Aging

Celesta Hartgraves, Director                                                                              Duane Mayes, Director
Missouri Division of Senior & Disability Services                                               Alaska Senior and Disabilities Services

Craig Cloud, Director                                                                                            
Arkansas Division of Aging & Adult Services                                                     

Lee Grossman, Coordinator                                                                                             
Wyoming Waivers & Home Care Services Program                                                                                                                      


Sub-committee on Older Americans Act & Other Aging Issues 


Lora Connolly,
California Department on Aging                                                            


Myles Copeland, Cabinet Secretary Designate                                    Elizabeth Ritter, Commissioner            
New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department                   Connecticut State Department on Aging 

Dr. Carmen Sanchez Salgado                                                                Nels Holmgren, Director
Oficina del Procurador de las Personas de Edad Avanzada               Utah Division of Aging & Adults Services

Carrie Molke, Director                                                                            Lisa Osvold, Senior Administrator 
Wisconsin State Unit on Aging                                                                Wyoming Aging Division

Rona Kramer, Secretary                                                                         Teresa Osborne, Secretary 
Maryland Department on Aging                                                             Pennsylvania Department of Aging

Kari Benson, Director                                                                              Brian Majeski, Executive Officer
Minnesota Board on Aging                                                                      Iowa Department on Aging   

Monica Hutt, Commissioner
Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living

Current NASUAD Bylaws