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HCBS Conference 2015- Presentations 9/2/2015
An Inventory of Publicly Funded Participant-Directed Long-Term Services and Supports Programs in the United States NRCPDS, Journal of Disability Policy Studies 11/11/2014
FLSA Home Care Rule Toolkit NRCPDS 9/12/2014
HCBS Conference 2014- Presentations 9/1/2014
An Environmental Scan of Self-Direction in Behavioral Health: Summary of Major Findings NRCPDS, Human Services Research Institute, and the University of Maryland, Robert Wood Johnson 8/5/2013
Self-Directed Budget Enhances Access to Home Health and Other Needed Services, Resulting in Fewer Unmet Needs, Better Health Outcomes, and High Satisfaction for Medicaid Beneficiaries NRCPDS, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 5/9/2013
Factors affecting participant engagement in the design and implementation of public programs 10/1/2012
National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services NRCPDS 9/6/2012
Veteran-Directed Home and Community Based Services Program American Elder Care Research Organization 6/2/2011
CHOICES – Tennessee Long Term Care Services Program Grantee produced, Tennessee 9/26/2010
Community Integration for People with Disabilities: The Role of Long-Term Care and the Medicaid Buy-In Center for Workers with Disabilities 9/21/2010
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About QM Strategies But Were Afraid To Ask CMS 7/25/2010
Participant Direction During Difficult Budget Times: A Toolkit for State Policymakers and Advocates NRCPDS 6/1/2010
Request For Information – NRCPDS Innovations Grants NRCPDS 5/20/2010
Medicaid-Funded Long-Term Supports and Services: Snapshots of Innovation Center for Health Care Strategies 5/1/2010
Medicaid-Funded Long-Term Care: Toward More Home- and Community-Based Options Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc. 5/1/2010
Screening and Assessment Tools – PersonalChoice – Rhode Island Grantee produced, Rhode Island 4/13/2010
Risk Management Tools – PersonalChoice – Rhode Island Grantee produced, Rhode Island 4/13/2010
Early Considerations, Policies and Procedures – PersonalChoice – Rhode Island Grantee produced, Rhode Island 4/12/2010
The Effect of Consumer Direction on Personal Assistance Received in Arkansas Mathematica Policy Research 4/1/2010
Self-Directed Care in Mental Health: Learnings from the Cash & Counseling Demonstration Evaluation Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 4/1/2010
Community Colleges and Caregiver Training: Implications for Policymakers International Longevity Center 3/1/2010
VDHCBS Start Up Resources ADRC-TAE 2/24/2010
Medicaid Buy-In Program – Hawaii Grantee produced, Hawaii 2/19/2010
Informational Materials for the MBIWD Project - Ohio Grantee produced, NRCPDS, Ohio 2/15/2010
IndependentChoices Procedure Manual - Arkansas Grantee produced, Arkansas 2/12/2010
IndependentChoices Handbook and Marketing Material - Arkansas Grantee produced, Arkansas 2/12/2010
System of Supports Table NRCPDS 2/8/2010
In-Home Supportive Services Program: Considering the State Costs and Benefits Legislative Analysts Office 1/21/2010
Participant Goal Setting Tool NRCPDS 1/20/2010
Program Forms, Florida NRCPDS 1/15/2010
How Can Consumer Direction Really Be Right For Everyone? - Technical Assistance Presentation NRCPDS 1/13/2010
Determining Personal Care Consumers' Preferences for a Consumer-Directed Cash & Counseling Option: Survey Results from Arkansas, Florida, New Jersey, and New York Elders and Adults with Disabilities HSR: Health Services Resources 1/11/2010
New State Strategies To Meet Long-Term Care Needs Health Affairs 1/8/2010
Consumer Preferences for a Cash Option Versus Traditional Services: Telephone Survey Results for New Jersey Elders and Adults Journal of Disability Policy Studies 1/7/2010
Consumer Preferences for a Consumer-Directed Cash Option Versus Traditional Services: Telephone Survey Findings for Florida Elders and Adults with Physical Disabilities Elder’s Advisor – The Journal of Elder Law and Post Retirement Planning 1/7/2010
Cash & Counseling Demonstration and Evaluation: Start-up Activities Journal of Case Management 1/5/2010
IndependentChoices Brochure, Arkansas Grantee produced, Arkansas 1/4/2010
Hiring Relatives as Caregivers in Two States: Developing an Education and Research Agenda for Policy Makers – Journal Abstract NRCPDS 1/1/2010
Lessons From the Arkansas Cash and Counseling Program: How the Experiences of Diverse Older Consumers and Their Caregivers Address Family Policy Concerns NRCPDS 1/1/2010
Financial Management Services (FMS) Conference - 2009 National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services, (NRCPDS) 11/23/2009
HCBSselfdirection.org Technical Assistance Website Centers for Medicare & Medicaid 11/20/2009
Support Broker Training - Idaho Idaho Department of Health and Welfare 11/19/2009
AoA Community Living Program: Experiences from Four States Aging and Disability Resource Center 11/19/2009
Safe at Home? Developing Effective Criminal Background Checks and Other Screening Policies for Home Care Workers AARP Public Policy Institute 9/1/2009
Participant Handbook for IRIS - Wisconsin’s Self-Directed Program Wisconsin Bureau of Long Term Supports 8/17/2009
IRIS: Wisconsin’s Self-Directed Supports Program - Website and Outreach Material Wisconsin Bureau of Long Term Support 8/17/2009
Reforming Long-Term Care in the United States: Findings From a National Survey of Specialists Journal - The Gerontologist 7/13/2009
Overview of their Agency with Choice Option - Michigan Grantee produced, NRCPDS, Michigan 4/17/2009
Guide To Self Determination In Long Term Care Michigan Department Of Community Health NRCPDS, C&C NPO. 4/17/2009
FAQ About Agency With Choice In The Mi Choice Waiver Grantee produced, Michigan 4/17/2009
Financial Management Services In Participant Direction: What Do They Cost? NRCPDS 4/1/2009
In-Home Supportive Services Examination of the Impact of SB 1104:The 2004 Quality Assurance Initiative – California California Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes 3/29/2009
IndependentChoices Final Report: December 1998 – March 2008 Arkansas Department of Human Services 3/16/2009
What Impact Does the Ability to Purchase Goods and Services Have on Participants in Cash & Counseling Programs? National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services 3/15/2009
What Impact Does The Ability To Purchase Goods And Services Have On Participants In Cash & Counseling Programs? NRCPDS 3/1/2009
Results from New Hampshire's LIFE Account Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan Grantee produced, Southern New Hampshire University- Center for Community Economic Development & Disability and University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability 2/24/2009
Evaluation of the Cash and Counseling Program in Illinois Grantee produced, Scripps Gerontology Center 2/3/2009
Implementing Self-Direction Programs with Flexible Individual Budgets: Lessons Learned from the Cash & Counseling Replication States National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services 2/1/2009
Home and Community-Based Services: Public Policies to Improve Access, Cost, and Quality Center for Personal Assistance Services; PAS Center 1/30/2009
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