Chief Executive Officer of Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging

The Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging (CMAAA) is a private, non-profit corporation serving 19 counties in Mid-Missouri. Our main office is in Columbia, with field offices in Lebanon and California, MO. The agency was organized in 1973 as part of a national network of more than 600 Area Agencies on Aging. This network of agencies was formed in response to federal legislation titled the Older Americans Act.

The CEO reports to a 19-member board of directors. Our board of directors consists of one representative from each of the 19 counties served by CMAAA. Board members are elected by adults 60 years of age and older who live in the service area. Most board members are over the age of 60. In addition to the board, an advisory council composed of older representatives from each county offers input to the agency.

The CEO is the leader of the agency and is expected to be a model of a servant leader. Reporting to the Board, the CEO provides leadership for the organization and the agency’s management team. The CEO is accountable for carrying out the objectives of the strategic plan, assure compliance with all grants, understand the financial status of the agency, ensure goals are accomplished, engage with human resource matters, and guide the application of all policies and procedures.

The CEO is charged with being the voice of the agency – as well as being a voice for Missouri’s Area Agency on Aging network - and is expected to represent the agency in a professional manner with all forms of media. The CEO must be passionate about the mission of the agency and must be able to articulate the mission, vision and values of the agency in a variety of settings. CEO duties include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Works in collaboration with the board and management to ensure the financial and programmatic sustainability of the agency. Provides leadership and direction to all staff to ensure the continued development and management of a professional and efficient organization; establish effective decision-making processes that will enable agency to achieve goal and objectives.

2. Establishes recommendations for and administers all agency policies and procedures in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

3. Oversees the development of the short and long range planning for all agency programs and activities, including the Area Plan and its submission to the Department on Aging.

4. Cultivates a strong and transparent working relationship with the Board and Advisory Council to ensure open communications on issues affecting the agency including all financial and programmatic matters.

5. Serves as leader of the agency management team in the preparation of plans, activities and problem solving.

6. Oversees the evaluation instruments and supervises evaluation of all agency programs and contractors.

7. Prepares the agenda and attends meetings of the Board of Directors and Advisory Council of the Agency in order to provide them with data to be used in establishing priorities and recommendations. Presents to the Board of Directors timely management reports to assist them in the execution of their fiduciary responsibilities as board members.

8. Serves as liaison between the Board of Directors and agency staff and encourages involvement of Advisory Council members in planning activities.

9. Establishes and maintains working relationship with agencies and organizations serving the needs of senior citizens in the area.

10. Reviews and signs all contracts, Notification of Grant Awards, fiscal reports, plans, and hiring and termination documents in accordance with Board policy.

11. Provides oversight for and has a working knowledge of all efforts to raise the necessary resources to achieve the agency’s mission, including grant-writing, annual fund campaigns, capital campaigns, and major gift efforts including identifying, soliciting, and stewarding gifts for the agency. Initiates, seeks out and oversees additional/new funding sources.

12. Oversees the agency’s $9M financial operations including the management of the agency’s director of finance, payroll, budgeting, and financial policies. Ensures compliance with regulations regarding human resources, privacy, accounting, lobbying, advocacy, fundraising, and licensing.

13. Stays current on pending or existing legislation that may impact the agency and conveys relevant information to the Board of Directors and other key stakeholders as necessary and appropriate. Advocates for seniors and their families in our service area and across the state of Missouri. Coordinates all activities with legislative issues, which include writing or discussing the issues with the Board of Directors, caregivers and/or participants, members of the legislature and media.

14. Identifies opportunities for Agency to leverage cross-program strengths to take advantage of new opportunities and/or to address organization challenges.

15. Collaborates with community providers to implement community events.

16. Initiates, seeks out and oversees additional/new funding sources

17. Initiates and oversees implementation of all grants and approves all required grant reports.

18. Any other tasks or duties requested by the Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging Board of Directors

Central Missouri Area Agency on Aging (CMAAA)
Date Posted: 
Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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